🔥👉 My 13 year-old sister constantly forgets things, even things I just told her minutes ago. She’s had this behavior for years and I’m getting worried. Should I talk to a doctor about this?

"✅👉 Yes, you should definitely talk to a doctor about this. It could be a sign of a memory or attention problem, which could be helped by medication or other treatment."

Arch Morar
Arch Morar

If an employee is fired or forced out due to organizing efforts, does the National Labor relations Board (NLRB) still have jurisdiction over them even though they no longer work there (union)?

furniture store

How do libraries build strong communities?

Libraries build strong communities by providing free or low-cost access to books and other resources, and by hosting programs and events that bring people together.

How do I convey a message to the person who doesn't want to talk to me anywhere on networking sites nor meet me in person to solve our issues?

You could try sending a letter or an email.

Does selling food in bulk help contribute to the obesity crisis?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the effect of selling food in bulk on obesity rates is not entirely clear. However, some experts believe that selling food in bulk may contribute to the obesity crisis by encouraging people to purchase and consume larger quantities of food than they need. In addition, selling food in bulk can often be cheaper than buying smaller quantities of food, which may also lead to people eating more than they would otherwise.

What are the factors affecting selling cars?

Some factors that can affect how easy it is to sell a car are the vehicle's age, mileage, make, model, and overall condition.

Could a rich person become a film director if they wanted to?

Yes, but it would be difficult. A rich person could become a film director if they were willing to put in the time and effort to learn the craft. However, it would be difficult because they would need to have a passion for film and storytelling.

What is your least favorite monster from Doctor Who?

The Weeping Angels are my least favorite Doctor Who monsters. I find them really creepy and they give me goosebumps.

Is there any political party or movement around the world that advocates Condorcet voting system?

I am not aware of any political party or movement that explicitly advocates for the Condorcet voting system.

How do I train myself to not kick my little brother if he kicks me?

You could try to redirect your anger by asking him to stop instead of resorting to violence. You could also try to understand why he is kicking you in the first place. If he is acting out because he feels frustrated or helpless, try to help him feel more capable and in control. Finally, you could model self-control by not kicking him back even if it is tempting.

Why do all mutual funds fall miserably? I have 2 tax savings mutual fund i.e. Reliance and Aditya Birla. Both are currently in minus. What should I do?

There are a number of reasons why mutual funds can fall in value, including poor performance by the underlying investments, changes in market conditions, and investor redemptions. While it is impossible to predict the future movements of the markets, investors can do their research and due diligence to try to select funds that are likely to perform well over the long term. If a fund is consistently underperforming its peers or the broader market, it may be time to consider selling it and investing in a different fund.

Is it possible to argue that you are not in a dream now?

While it is possible to argue that you are not in a dream now, it is also possible to argue that you could be dreaming and just don't realize it. It is difficult, if not impossible, to absolutely prove that you are not in a dream.

Can you build a smart business?

Yes, you can build a smart business.

Is the "Law of Attraction Solutions" and the comments a scam?

We cannot verify the authenticity of the "Law of Attraction Solutions" website or the comments posted on it.

Can motorcycles use a puncture -proof small truck tire on a wide rear wheel? What are the ramifications?

A motorcycles can use a puncture -proof small truck tire on a wide rear wheel if the motorcycle is designed for it. There are no ramifications.

What is an example of an instance of research misconduct?

An example of an instance of research misconduct would be if a researcher deliberately falsified or fabricated data in their study.

For y=sin2x, the period is half (π) the usual period (2π). But why? Why is the size of the angle affecting the speed along which the X axis is travelled? And why does *doubling* the angle *half* the period?

The period of a sine curve is determined by the wavelength of the wave. The wavelength is the distance between two successive peaks (or troughs) of the wave. In the equation y=sin2x, the peaks occur at x=0, π/2, π, 3π/2, 2π, etc. The wavelength is therefore π/2. This means that the period of this particular sine curve is 2π/2, or π.

Is China’s strategy to source its iron ore from Guinea by 2025 the end of Australia as a wealthy, respected country?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the effects of China's strategy on Australia's economy will depend on a number of factors, including the exact nature of the strategy, Australia's response to it, and global economic conditions more generally. However, it is possible that China's strategy could have negative consequences for Australia, leading to lower economic growth and living standards in the country.

Are you going to wear a button-up shirt and slim tie when you go to plead GUILTY guilty for drinking and driving (even though you're not, but you know, public defender and all)?

No, I will not.

Is head-bobbing by pigeons a wasteful action in terms of return on investment, given the energy expended on that type of motion over a long time?

The jury is still out on this one, but it is possible that head-bobbing by pigeons may in fact be a wasteful action in terms of return on investment. While there is currently no clear consensus on why pigeons bob their heads, it is generally believed that the behavior helps the birds to maintain balance and stability while in flight. Given that head-bobbing requires considerable muscular effort, it stands to reason that over time this behavior may take its toll on the birds' energy reserves.

Is "slow glass," as described in the short story "Light of Other Days" by Bob Shaw, possible?

There is no definitive answer, as the science described in the short story is purely fictional. However, some scientists have theorized that manipulating the speed of light might be possible using theories from quantum mechanics.

What's the difference between "ain't" and "aren't"?

"Aren't" is the proper contraction for "are not", while "ain't" is a slang word that is used in place of "am not", "is not", "are not", or "have not".

To raise $2 million I will be giving 33% of my equity in my company. Does this mean that when the company is profitable, I will get repaid the $2 million because initially it was my equity that I sold, or does it not work this way?

The $2 million is an investment in the company, not a loan, so you would not be repaid.

Why is Minneapolis nicknamed the City of Flour and Sawdust?

Minneapolis became known as the Grain Belt window and mill city. The flour industry boomed with the construction of dozens of new mills. At the peak in 1880, there were 22 major wheat flour Mills operating day and night. The sawdust piles from lumber mills also lined the streets.

How are casing companies able to release iPhone 11 cases before its official launch?

Casing companies are most likely able to release iPhone 11 cases before its official launch by working with case manufacturers that have been given early access to the iPhone 11 series design.

48yoDivorced mom, dating bf for 3 yr we aren’t financially/sexually compatible.he’s kind, treats my kids well.but he drinks, refuses to try to please me in bed .. it’s difficult at my age to find a kind person.. should I keep going &hope he changes?

Which subject is more easy in 11?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the student's individual strengths and weaknesses. Some students might find math easier, while others might find English or history easier. It really varies from person to person.

Which luxury German cars have the lowest maintenance?

The lowest maintenance luxury German cars are the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7 Series.

In Muslims, which category is SC or ST?

There is no such category in Islam. Muslims are categorized according to their nationality, ethnic group, or tribe.

What is the process of buying an exotic car in india?

There is no set process when it comes to buying an exotic car in India. However, there are a few things that potential buyers should keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to do your research and make sure you are getting the best possible deal on your purchase. It is also wise to work with a reputable dealership or broker that specializes in exotic cars. Finally, be prepared to pay a higher price for an exotic car than you would for a comparable vehicle from a mainstream manufacturer.

How can we make our mind more healthy for focusing long terms goal?

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different people may have different needs in terms of making their mind more healthy for focusing long term goals. However, some tips that may be helpful for some people include: getting sufficient sleep, eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, and getting regular exercise. Additionally, it may be helpful to limit or avoid exposure to sources of stress, and to practice relaxation or meditation techniques.

Is the culture of poverty part of the reason why Africa is poor?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the causes of poverty in Africa are complex and multi-faceted. However, it is possible that the culture of poverty could be one of the contributing factors. The culture of poverty is a set of beliefs, values, and behaviors that are passed down from generation to generation within a community. This can create a cycle of poverty that is difficult to break out of. If the culture of poverty is widespread in a community, it can lead to a lack of education, poor health, and low levels of productivity, which can all contribute to poverty.

On Facebook Ads, how often does your campaign information get updated?

Your campaign information gets updated as often as you make changes to your campaign.

Why are people receiving chemo or an MRI with contrast so tired?

The body's reaction to the chemicals used in chemotherapy or MRI with contrast can cause fatigue.

A bag contains 6 black marbles and 6 white marbles. What is the least number of marbles that you must choose without looking to be certain that you have chosen 2 white marble?


What skills should a self-respecting music arranger possess?

A self-respecting music arranger should be able to skillfully transform a musical composition for different instrumentations, voices, and ensembles while still maintaining the original intent and style of the piece. They should also be able to communicate effectively with composers and clients to ensure that arrangements meet all expectations.

Why have there been so many shootings lately (April 2021)?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many possible explanations. It is possible that the recent increase in shootings is due to a combination of factors, including more people owning guns, more people suffering from mental illness, and more people experiencing financial stress and insecurity. Additionally, it is worth noting that mass shootings tend to occur in clusters, with one shooting often leading to copycat attacks.

How do you ensure care measures while choosing the best school for your child?

The best way to find a safe and supportive school environment for your child is to visit the school in person, meet with the principal and teachers, and ask questions about the school's safety policies and procedures. You can also look for online reviews of the school from other parents.

How big of a role did land speculation play in California's high housing costs?

It is difficult to quantify the role that land speculation played in California's high housing costs. However, it is safe to say that speculation was a significant factor. One study found that speculative activity accounted for 30-40% of the total increase in home prices between 2000 and 2005.

What were some movies that were not afraid to kill the biggest stars early on?

Some movies that were not afraid to kill the biggest stars early on are The Omen, Alien, and Jaws.

What legal actions can I take against an employer who has issued a cheque that has bounced on grounds of insufficient funds?

In the United States, an employer who has issued a check that bounces on grounds of insufficient funds may be subject to penalties under state bad check laws. The recipient of the check may also file a civil lawsuit against the employer for damages.

What is meant by pit-run gravel?

Pit-run gravel is gravel that has been excavated from a pit.

What is the best exhaust brake for a diesel pick up truck?

The best exhaust brake for a diesel pick up truck depends on the make and model of the truck, as well as the driver's preferences. Some drivers prefer an electronic exhaust brake, while others prefer a manual exhaust brake.

Is it cheaper to buy or build your house?

It is cheaper to buy a house than to build one.

What is a 0-point field in quantum physics?

A 0-point field is an electromagnetic field that exists even in the absence of matter or energy. It is also called the zero-point energy of the vacuum.

Why do we envision aliens as being united as a species when we are so divided among ourselves as humans?

When we envision aliens as being united as a species, it is because we hope that they are more evolved than us and that they have learned to overcome their differences. Unfortunately, human history has shown that we are a very divided species.

Did Michael Jackson throw a television out of his hotel window when he received the news of his accusations or was that part made up?

There is no evidence that Michael Jackson ever threw a television out of his hotel window.

Why do European countries or Caucasian nations as a whole always like to start war? Why can't they be peaceful like Asian nations?

There is no single answer to this question. A variety of factors could contribute, including historical factors, economic factors, and political factors.

Why will God send anyone to an eternal burning flame? Isn’t he, after all, the all-loving God?

God's love is not a sentimental, emotional love. It is a holy love. It is a righteous love. It is a just love. And because it is just, it must punish sin. God is holy and just, and therefore sin cannot go unpunished. If God did not judge sin, then he would not be just. And if he is not just, then he is not holy. So in order for God to remain just and holy, he must judge and punish sin. And the punishment for sin is an eternity in hell, away from the presence of God.

I just released a debut album with my rock band. We don't have a following yet. How can I get new people to hear it?

There are a few things you can do to get new people to listen to your album. You can start by promoting it on social media platforms and sending it to music blogs or websites. You can also give it away for free or sell it at a discounted price. You can also play shows and tell people about your album.

Does Andaman & Nicobar Islands allow fully vaccinated Indian travelers without a negative PCR test?

Fully vaccinated Indian travelers are allowed to travel to Andaman & Nicobar Islands without a negative PCR test.

How do I merge unallocated space obtained by shrinking Windows partition with Linux partitioned space?

In order to merge unallocated space with Linux partitioned space, you can use a partition manager tool such as EaseUS Partition Master. With this tool, you can easily add unallocated space to an existing partition or create a new partition in the unallocated space.

How are burial sites useful to historians?

Burial sites can be useful to historians as they can contain artefacts which can provide information about the people who were buried there and the time period in which they lived. Artefacts can include items such as jewellery, weapons and pottery.

Which is the best day trading online room?

There is no best day trading online room, as different traders have different preferences. However, some popular day trading rooms include the Live Traders Room, NinjaTrader Live Trading Rooms, and the TradeView Trading Room.

Why is Verizon FIOS delivering some foreign language channel package programming in SD (standard definition) only, when it's almost a sure bet they are all produced in HD now?

Verizon FIOS is not delivering all foreign language channel programming in SD because it is not produced in HD.

Is life meaningless or we simply live for others?

There is no universal answer to this question. Each person has their own meaning in life.

Why do young folks in America see capitalism by its flaws and socialism by its textbook theories?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, young people in America are generally taught about socialism in positive terms, while capitalism is usually presented in a more negative light. This is due in part to the fact that many schools and universities are dominated by left-leaning professors and administrators. Second, socialism is often portrayed as a more idealistic and compassionate system than capitalism, which is often seen as cold and heartless. Finally, young people tend to be more receptive to new ideas and ideologies than older people, and socialism is often seen as a new and exciting way of organizing society.

How fast can I expect my push-up count to improve if I eat well, sleep well, and exercise 3 times per week?

If you eat well, sleep well, and exercise 3 times per week, you can expect your push-up count to improve within a few weeks. However, the rate of improvement will vary depending on your starting point and fitness level.

What does the World Economic Forum mean by its phrase "you will own nothing and be happy"?

The World Economic Forum is a Geneva-based international organization that is dedicated to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders in dialogue. The organization's mission is "to improve the state of the world by engaged leaders in collaborative efforts to shape global, regional and industry agendas."

How small were countries at their smallest extent?

The largest empire in history, the Mongol Empire, only covered about 24 million square kilometers at its peak.

How come the natural state of object in the universe is inherently free fall and hence affected by spacetime curvature?

I think it has to do with Einstein's Principle of Equivalence. This is what Wikipedia says:

In the context of general relativity, the equivalence principle states that the apparent force exerted on bodies by a gravitational field or by any Pseudoscalar field W should be independent of their composition and structure. In the original formulation by Einstein, the principle states that the trajectory of a point mass in a gravitational field is independent of its propserties (mass, charge).
By extension, the space around in which objects fall—the so-called free-fall frame—has locally the same structure as special relativistic Minkowski space. This means that locally there is no observable (pseudo-)gravity. gravity thus appears to be only a force between masses, mediated by spacetime curvature in a way that agrees with Newtonian gravity in the appropriate limit.

As a frequent travelers what factors you look for while finalizing any destination?

The factors I look for when finalizing a destination are the location, weather, cost, and activities available. I also like to research the local culture and customs to make sure I am respectful and informed during my travels.

Can I become a Navy SEAL after college (age 22-23)?

The Navy requires that all candidates for the Navy SEAL program be unmarried, have no dependent children, and be age 24 or younger.

What was the last thing you bought?

The last thing I bought was a book.

If you drive a semi with a refrigerated trailer, do you have challenges trying to find a place to park overnight when you leave the refrigerator running?

If you are driving a refrigerated semi, you may have challenges finding a place to park overnight. Many truck stops and rest areas do not allow refrigerated trailers to park overnight. You may need to find a 24-hour truck stop or a location with electrical hookups in order to keep the refrigerator running overnight.

Why do so many people get upset if you buy a pet instead of adopting?

There are a number of reasons why people might get upset if you buy a pet instead of adopting. Some people feel that buying animals contributes to animal cruelty, as breeding mills often have inhumane conditions. Additionally, adopted animals typically come from shelters or rescue organizations, so adopting gives them a second chance at finding a forever home. People who are passionate about animal welfare may view buying an animal as taking away that chance. Finally, some people believe that it is cheaper to adopt an animal than to buy one from a breeder or pet store.

Should Britney griners citizenship be taken away since she said the USA is not great and the USA is not good or even special?

No, she should not have her citizenship taken away.

What is the percentage of wins when Sachin scored a hundred?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored a total of 49 ODI centuries. Out of these, India has won 41 matches and lost 8. Hence, the percentage of Sachin's wins when he scored a hundred is 83.67%.

Why should my 5 year olf daughter learn Karate over other Martial Arts? I think to start with Judo or Shuai Jiao (I am living in China) early and add another punching-Art at age 14 is better.

There are a few reasons why your daughter might benefit from learning karate over other martial arts. Some of these reasons include:

1. Karate emphasizes self-discipline and respect.

2. Karate can help your daughter build confidence.

3. Karate can help your daughter stay physically active.

4. Karate can teach your daughter self-defense skills.

In psychiatry, how do the people who create psychiatric drugs know those drugs are "reuptake inhibitors"?

The people who create psychiatric drugs typically use a combination of animal and human testing to determine whether or not a particular drug is a reuptake inhibitor. Animal testing is often used to first identify potential reuptake inhibitors, which are then tested on humans to confirm their efficacy.

How long will the Great Resignation last?

The duration of the Great Resignation is unknown.

How healthy is a typical baby formula?

There is no one answer to this question as different brands of baby formula vary in their ingredients and healthfulness. However, in general, most baby formulas contain many of the same essential nutrients that are found in breast milk, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, most formulas are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals, such as iron and calcium, to ensure that babies receive all of the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

How much does reinventing yourself matter on your healing journey from a bad relationship, especially a narcissistic relationship?

There is no easy answer when it comes to how much reinventing yourself matters on your healing journey from a bad relationship. However, many experts agree that it is an important part of the process. By reinventing yourself, you can begin to rebuild your self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, it can help you to create a new identity for yourself outside of the relationship. This can be an important step in moving on from a bad relationship and beginning to heal.

Is it easy to give P-level papers after getting exemptions through university for F-level papers in ACCA?

There is no easy answer to this question. Each case is unique and depends on the specific circumstances of the individual student. Some students find it relatively easy to obtain exemptions for F-level papers through university study and subsequently go on to complete the P-level papers with little difficulty. Others find the process more challenging and may need to invest more time and effort in order to achieve success. Ultimately, it is up to the individual student to determine how best to approach their studies in order to obtain the desired result.

Is there an advantage to using fore optics over simply butting the fiber against the slit?

There are many potential advantages to using fore optics over simply butting the fiber against the slit. Some potential advantages include improved light collection efficiency, improved light coupling efficiency, and the ability to focus the light onto the fiber. In addition, fore optics can potentially provide better control over the beam shape and/or position, which can improve the performance of the system.

Where can I get the kids news articles daily?

One resource for finding kids news articles is the website of the magazine Scholastic News.

How old is Legolas and why is he inferior to Aragorn?

While Legolas is considered to be a young adult by elven standards, he is still around 600 years old at the time of the Lord of the Rings. This makes him around 87 in human years. While Legolas is an incredibly skilled fighter, he is ultimately inferior to Aragorn because Aragorn is more experienced and has more wisdom.

Why was the Mughal period considered as the golden period of education?

The Mughal period was considered as the golden period of education because:

-The Mughal rulers were great patrons of learning and established many schools and colleges.

-The standard of education was high during this period.

-There was a great emphasis on the study of religious texts, Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic.

-Many eminent scholars and scientists rose to prominence during this period.

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