🔥👉 What type of child isn't for the faint of heart?

"✅👉 An energetic child"

Leonie Kessler
Leonie Kessler

How much does a quick trim weight loss clinic cost?

A quick trim weight loss clinic typically costs between $50 and $200.

Can a Sagittarius girl who is introvert, become a film maker? How?

Yes, a Sagittarius girl who is introvert can become a film maker. She can start by making short films and then eventually move on to feature length films.

What four music albums did you love as a teenager? Do you still own them?

1. Creed - Human Clay
2. Godsmack - Faceless
4. Breaking Benjamin - Phobia

Yes, I still own all four of these albums.

Which NCA conference plays the best football?

Which NCA conference plays the best football?The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but typically the SEC is considered to be the best conference in college football.

What did you think of the first Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer?

The first Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer was really cool! It had a lot of great action and special effects, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to watch.

Is it okay to go for a 15mbps speed for 1 laptop?

Yes, it is okay to go for a 15mbps speed for 1 laptop.

Colonization: If we were to colonize a new planet, how might we get our animals there?

If we were to colonize a new planet, we might take our animals with us on the spaceship.

What events might trigger a bear market on Wall Street?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different opinions on what constitutes a bear market. Some say that a bear market occurs when the stock market falls by 20% or more from its most recent peak, while others say that a bear market occurs when the stock market falls by 30% or more. However, some common events that have been known to trigger bear markets in the past include economic recessions, wars, natural disasters, and political upheavals.

Can you post a picture that would definitely get an upvote?


Do “proper” push ups actually harm young women? Why do they make girls do push ups on their knees in school?

There is no evidence that "proper" push ups actually harm young women. However, doing push ups on their knees may put unnecessary strain on their knees and ankles. Additionally, girls may not have the same upper body strength as boys, so doing full push ups may be more difficult for them.

When are we going to abandon internal combustion engines?

Most experts believe that internal combustion engines will be largely phased out by 2050.

Is the decision to wait for someone for 4 years whose answer might be yes or no right?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question since it depends on each person's individual circumstances. Some people may feel that waiting for someone for four years is worth it if there is a strong possibility that they will eventually say yes, while others may feel that it is not worth the wait and prefer to move on. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wait for someone for four years is a personal one that each individual must make based on their own unique circumstances.

What happened to LG Smart World?

LG Smart World was shut down in July of 2020.

Why did Emma Watson decide to attend college at Brown?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone has different reasons for choosing the college they attend. Some students may have been drawn to Brown because of its location in Providence, Rhode Island, while others may have been attracted to the university's reputation for academic excellence. It is also possible that Watson was attracted to Brown because of its diverse student body and curriculum.

Is it fair to say that in the British press, Prince William and his family are subjected to very positive, friendly, at times fawning coverage- while Harry and Meghan's have been excoriating, brutal, negative daily coverage?

Yes, I think this is a fair statement. The British press has been much more positive in their coverage of Prince William and his family than they have been of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

How can the operating of small bulk carriers (up to 20,000 tonnes DWT) in the tramp shipping trade be profitable?

One way that small bulk carriers can be profitable in the tramp shipping trade is by operating in remote areas where there is less competition from other carriers. Another way is to specialize in carrying niche cargoes that are in high demand but difficult to transport.

What's growing wheat based on?

Wheat is a cereal grain that is grown all over the world.

Is India really in need of GST? If yes, can you elaborate on your answer?

Yes, GST is needed in India as it will simplify the tax structure and make it more efficient. It will also help boost economic growth and promote investment.

How short are golf greens cut?

Golf greens are often cut to a length of around 0.125 inches (3.2 mm).

Are mods allowed to ban me for anything, even if I did not break their rules?

According to the Roblox Community Rules, mods are not allowed to ban you for anything unless you break their rules.

What is the one thing that you do on a daily basis before going to work?

The one thing that I do on a daily basis before going to work is brush my teeth.

Which pub do you like to go to to receive real ale?

There are many pubs that sell real ale, but some of the most popular include The Vine Inn, The Horse and Groom, and The Red Lion.

Given the unflattering modern anthropomorphisms associated with sheep, and the relatively non-visible role sheep ranching plays in modern economies, why are sheep such a powerful and ubiquitous metaphor for modern Christian faithful?

Metaphors are often useful in conveying complex ideas in a relatable way. In the case of sheep, they are often used to depict the followers of a particular religion or belief system. The metaphor is likely chosen because sheep are considered to be meek, docile creatures that are easily led. This is in contrast to humans, who are often seen as being willful and rebellious. By likening humans to sheep, it highlights the need for obedience and submission to a higher power. Additionally, sheep are often used as a symbol of innocence, which is another quality that Christians are supposed to possess.

Why is the hashtag of “#WorldWar3” trending on Twitter? Can anyone brief me about the current scenario?

The hashtag is trending because of the ongoing tensions between the United States and Iran. The two countries have been engaged in a "war of words" for the past week, and there is a concern that this could lead to a more serious conflict.

If a product is a chair, then what are the differences in testing unit test, integration test, system test, and acceptance test?

If a product is a chair, the differences in testing unit test, integration test, system test, and acceptance test would be as follows:

Unit test: A unit test checks the functionality of a single component of the chair.

Integration test: An integration test checks how well the different components of the chair work together.

System test: A system test checks how well the chair works as a whole system, including all its components.

Acceptance test: An acceptance test checks whether the chair meets the customer's expectations.

Why do astronauts experience weightlessness when they are beyond Earth’s orbit? I know why they experience it in Earth’s orbit, but when beyond orbit, there is less gravity due to the distance, so how do they have full weightlessness?

Astronauts experience weightlessness when they are beyond Earth's orbit because they are in a state of free fall. They are falling towards the center of the Earth at the same rate as the spacecraft they are in. The spacecraft is also in orbit around the Earth, so it is constantly falling towards the planet as well. However, the spacecraft's forward momentum keeps it from actually hitting the surface of the Earth. This state of constant falling creates a situation where there is no force acting upon the astronauts and they experience weightlessness.

With the US economy at an upswing, how is the deficit growing larger?

The US economy is growing larger, but the deficit is growing larger as well. The primary reason for this is that government spending has increased faster than revenues.

Can Indian tourists coming to the UAE through a visa on arrival using a US tourist visa, also visit Oman by road and return back to the UAE?

No, they cannot. The visa on arrival granted to Indian tourists coming to the UAE through a US tourist visa does not allow them to visit Oman by road and return back to the UAE.

Are female INTPs Really that rare, I've seen a lot (maybe even more thab male) on Quora?

INTPs are one of the rarer types, making up only about 4% of the population. However, it's important to remember that there is a lot of variation within each type, so not every INTP is going to be exactly the same.

Is saying Dream Theater is heavy metal kind of like saying Jethro Tull deserved the Heavy Metal Flutist Grammy?

Yeah, it's kind of like that. Dream Theater is a heavy metal band, but they're not really considered a pure metal band. They're more of a progressive metal band, and they don't really fit into the metal category as far as the Grammy Awards are concerned.

What happens to solar panels during snow fall?

Thin-film solar panels are less affected by snow than crystalline silicon solar panels. However, all solar panels will produce less electricity when covered in snow.

What are the basics you follow for weekly meal prep to avoid repeating the same dishes but have all nutrients?

There are a few basics that you can follow for weekly meal prep to avoid repeating the same dishes but have all nutrients. Meal prep can help you save money and time, as well as make healthier choices.

1. Choose a variety of recipes that you can rotate throughout the week. This will help you avoid getting bored with your meals.

2. Make sure to include a mix of different food groups in your meals. This will help you get all the nutrients your body needs.

3. When prepping your meals, cook enough for leftovers. This way, you can have something to eat for another day or two without having to cook every day.

4. Label your containers with the date and name of the dish. This will help you keep track of what you have already eaten and what is still available.

5. Store your prepped meals in the fridge or freezer so they stay fresh longer.

Why do a car's seat slightly lean back while a normal chair has straight sitting posture?

A car's seat is slightly lean back to allow the driver to sit back and relax while driving. A normal chair has straight sitting posture because it is not meant for driving.

West Bengal alone produces 130,000 tonnes of milk daily. Is it possible to set up a large export oriented diary products manufacturing plant here?

Yes, it is possible to set up a large export-oriented Diary products manufacturing plant in West Bengal. There is ample availability of milk in the state, which can be processed and packaged for export. Moreover, the state has a well-developed infrastructure for transportation and storage of milk products, which will support the setting up of such a plant.

How do you say correctly in plain English the following action: “keep your finger on the message you want to delete”.

Keep your finger on the message you want to delete.

If an African nation was to start a literacy campaign, where would they get the teachers?

One option for an African nation starting a literacy campaign would be to send out a request for volunteers to teach literacy classes. Alternatively, the African nation could work with international organizations that place volunteers in developing countries.

Why are the narratives about asbestos risk in homes so conflicting? We found 3% asbestos in our ceiling, which prompted worry due to a previous remodel 3 years ago. Drywallers say don't worry. Abatements say potential big risk. My wife is pregnant.

Asbestos exposure can cause a number of serious health problems, including cancer. Although the risk of developing cancer from exposure to asbestos is relatively low, it is still important to take precautions to avoid exposure, especially if you are pregnant.

Is it possible for a dedicated rural Australian student to study abroad at a prestigious university? If so, are there any tips on the application process and how to stand out/apply for scholarships?

Yes, it is possible for a dedicated rural Australian student to study abroad at a prestigious university. There are a number of ways to make your application stand out, including:

- Applying early
- Gaining outstanding grades
- Demonstrating leadership qualities
- Getting involved in extracurricular activities
- Writing a strong personal statement

You may also be able to apply for scholarships specifically for rural students or for students from Australia. Doing your research and planning ahead will give you the best chance of success.

If walking in an untethered space walk, is there a very real threat of you drifting out to space and not being able to be rescued?

There is a very real threat of an untethered space walker drifting away from the spacecraft and not being able to return.

Why are employers unable to pay as well relatively speaking (including pensions) as they once did in the 1960s?

It is believed that employers are unable to pay as well relatively speaking (including pensions) as they once did in the 1960s due to a variety of reasons, including:

- The globalization of the economy, which has led to increased competition for jobs and wages;
- The decline of unions and other forms of worker protections and benefits;
- The shift from manufacturing to service-based economies;
- The increasing use of automation and technology in the workplace.

If Jackson’s Indian removal Act was illegal (trail of tears), is there any legal way the descendants of natives forced to move could regain federal and state owned land from where they were removed?

The descendants of Native Americans forced to move under Jackson's Indian Removal Act could potentially regain some of the federal and state owned land from which they were removed through a land claim lawsuit. Such a suit would allege that the original seizure of the land was illegal, and if successful, could lead to the return of some or all of the disputed land to its rightful owners.

How was the (theoretical) dark matter discovered? What is its formula?

Some of the earliest evidence for dark matter came from the observation that galaxies rotate too quickly to be held together by the gravity of the visible matter alone.

The formula for dark matter is not currently known.

Why is the price for everyday snacks increasing such as chips? They used to be 50 cents now they are 79 cents why is that?

The price of everyday snacks such as chips is increasing because the cost of raw materials, packaging, and shipping has increased.

What does Urijit Patel's resignation mean for the Indian economy?

Urijit Patel's resignation means that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will have a new governor, and this could mean changes to monetary policy. For example, if the new governor is more dovish, then we could see lower interest rates, which would be positive for the economy. Alternatively, if the new governor is more hawkish, then we could see higher interest rates, which could slow down economic growth.

Have you always known how to spell "Afghanistan" or did you learn the correct spelling recently?

I do not believe that I have always known how to spell "Afghanistan." I likely learned the correct spelling recently.

Is the United States already in a recession amid the Coronavirus outbreak?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it is difficult to determine whether the United States is in a recession until after the fact. However, some economists believe that the country may be heading into a recession in the near future as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

How can we develop exercises and actions around the things we are studying (philosophy and psychology)?

1. Use the Socratic method to explore philosophical concepts with your friends or classmates.

2. Read psychological studies and then discuss them with your friends or family.

3. Write about the things you are learning in philosophy and psychology, and share your writing with others.

4. Engage in thoughtful conversations about the concepts you are studying in philosophy and psychology.

5. Role-play different scenarios that illustrate philosophical or psychological concepts.

Which top 5 patents are vastly used?

The top 5 most used patents are:
1. Patent for a method of producing graphene
2. Patent for a new way to produce solar panels
3. Patent for a new type of lithium-ion battery
4. Patent for a new type of LED
5. Patent for a new way to produce semiconductors

Do traditional publishers require you to attend book signings and make public appearances as an author?

It is not required, but it is recommended.

If I play piano and my friend plays violin, am I accompanying him or are we doing a duet? Is there a difference, and are there ever cases of violin accompanying piano, or is it always the other way around?

There is definitely a difference between accompanying someone and playing a duet with them. When you accompany someone, you are typically playing a supporting role to their melodies - so in the case of piano accompanying violin, the piano would likely be playing chords or a simpler accompaniment pattern while the violin plays the melody. When you play a duet, both musicians have an equal role in the performance - so in the case of a piano and violin duet, both instruments would likely be playing more complicated parts that fit together to create a cohesive piece. There are definitely cases of violin accompanying piano - for example, if the piano is playing a much more complicated melody than the violin, the violinist might play a simpler accompaniment pattern or chord progression to support the piano.

How can non-scientist members of the public contribute to space exploration? For example, I work as a Web Developer - am I able to contribute to humanity's effort to explore space?

Yes, absolutely! Scientists and engineers need people like you to help build the tools and technologies that enable space exploration. You can also help spread the word about the latest discoveries and advances in space exploration, which can help generate public support for future missions.

What pushed Yes Bank to crises? Will it affect the common man?

There are many reasons that can be cited for Yes Bank's current crisis. These include the bank's high exposure to risky loans, its inability to raise fresh capital, and concerns about its governance. While the exact impact of Yes Bank's troubles on the common man is yet to be seen, it is likely that it will have some negative effects. For example, if the bank is unable to raise fresh capital, it may be forced to sell off some of its assets, which could lead to job losses. In addition, if the bank's troubles lead to a loss of confidence in the Indian banking sector, it could make it more difficult for people to get loans and access banking services.

What do you do for a living if you describe your job in the most sinister terms possible?

I work in advertising. I help companies sell their products by playing on people's insecurities, painting rosy pictures of things that don't exist, and convincing people that they need things they don't need. It's all a big con, and I'm pretty good at it.

What are the qualities of a psychopath?

The qualities of a psychopath are a lack of conscience, empathy, or remorse; and a tendency toward impulsive, antisocial behavior.

Which of your country's traditions is your least favourite and why?

I don't have a least favorite tradition, but some traditions I am not fond of are the ones that put women in a subordinate position to men.

Can hair extensions provide coverage on top?

Hair extensions can provide coverage on top, but they are not a cure for hair loss.

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear weapons reached its 50th ratification. What is the likelihood Donald Trump starts a nuclear war before the 90-day frame of approval?

The likelihood of Donald Trump starting a nuclear war before the 90-day frame of approval is low.

How do I make my teenage son share the table with us at dinner? He says it seems silly and none of his friends do so.

You can try a few things. You can explain to him that when he is an adult, he will be expected to share meals with others in a work or social setting and that it is important to learn how to be accommodating now. You could also try bribing him with dessert or letting him choose what's for dinner one night a week. Finally, you could enforce a rule where he has to sit at the table for a certain amount of time, even if he is not eating.

Will the Miami Marlins finally draw fans this year now that they have a new stadium and what looks like a pretty good team?

The Marlins attendance has been among the worst in baseball for years, so it's hard to say. The new stadium and team may help draw some fans, but it will likely take more than just that to get people to fill the stands on a regular basis.

For a clearer understanding, how did the 12 Thai soccer nationals get sweep down the cave at all?

The 12 soccer nationals and their coach got swept down the cave when they were exploring the cave and got caught in a flash flood.

What are the best cotton sheets?

The best cotton sheets are typically made from 100% cotton and have a thread count of 800 or higher.

Did Tyler Perry's new film, A Madea Family funeral, live up to your expectations?

I don't think so. It was a bit of a letdown.

Is Biden a dictator?

No, Biden is not a dictator.

I plan to run with weights for 100m, then 300m, 1km and gradually up to 21km? What are the pros and cons of doing this?

There are a few potential pros to this approach:

1. Running with weights can help you build strength and power.
2. This approach can help you gradually increase your mileage, which may reduce your risk of injury.
3. Running with weights can also help you burn more calories.

There are a few potential cons to this approach as well:

1. Running with weights can put extra strain on your joints and muscles, which may lead to injuries.
2. If you increase your mileage too quickly, you may also be at a higher risk for injuries.
3. You may also find it more difficult to maintain your form when running with weights.

Is it okay to eat something not vegan if you're in danger of passing out? I was at a show last night and the only thing around was a grilled cheese sandwich.

There is no such thing as a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese. If you are in danger of passing out, it is better to eat something not vegan than to pass out.

How do I change a Canva business card into a menu?

First, create a new Canva account or log in to your existing account. Second, click on the "Create a design" button. In the drop-down menu, select "Restaurant Menu." You will be taken to a blank canvas. From here, you can add text, images, and illustrations to create your menu. Once you are finished, click on the " download" button to download your file as a PDF.

What are some of the best feature films or TV series totally or partially filmed in Wolof, Hausa, Tsonga, Bambara, Kirundi, Sesotho, Kikongo, Lingala, Fula or Shona languages?

Some of the best feature films or TV series filmed in Wolof, Husna, Tsonga, Bambara, Kirundi, Sesotho, Kikongo, Lingala, Fula or Shona languages include:

1. "Wolof" - a film by Pape Samb

2. "Hausa" - a film by Wale Ogunyemi

3. "Tsonga" - a film by Dinisio Mabunda

4. "Bambara" - a film by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

5. "Kirundi" - a film by Nduti Mahori

6. "Sesotho" - a film by Lionel Rugg

7. "Kikongo" - a film by Jean-Claude Mbemba

8. "Lingala" - a film by Mamady Keita

9. "Fula" - a film by Cheick Oumar Sissoko

10. "Shona" - a film by Simon Baxter

Could a T.rex hold an object like a baseball with both of its small limbs together?


How can a militia made up of civilians face and then defeat a fully modernized military force in today's scenario?

The most effective way for a militia made up of civilians to defeat a fully modernized military force would be to use guerrilla warfare tactics. This would involve using small, fast-moving units to attack the enemy's supply lines and rear area units, while avoiding direct confrontation with the enemy's main forces. In addition, the militia would need to make use of traps and ambushes, and would need to be very proficient in using cover and concealment.

Why do Americans spell certain words differently than other countries, like color/colour or defense/defence?

The reason for the different spellings is primarily historical. When the first colonists arrived in North America, they brought with them print culture and spelling conventions from England. Over time, these conventions diverged from those used in England, and the two sets of conventions began to influence each other. By the eighteenth century, many English speakers in North America were using spellings that were different from the spellings used in England.

The differences between American and British spelling conventions can be traced back to a time when there was no standardized spelling. In Early Modern English, spelling conventions were not yet established, and words could be spelled in a variety of ways. For example, the word "color" could be spelled as "colour," "coler," or "coloure." As printing became more common in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, printers began to standardize spellings in order to make their books more readable. However, different printers used different conventions, and so there was still no single way to spell words.

In the seventeenth century, two major events led to further changes in spelling conventions. First, the English Civil War (1642-1651) disrupted trade between England and its North American colonies. This meant that printers in the colonies had less access to English printing technology and materials, and so they began to use their own spelling conventions. Second, the founding of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (1698) in England led to a wave of spelling reform. The society published textbooks with simplified spellings, which helped to establish some standardization in British spelling. However, these reforms did not reach the colonies, and so the different spelling conventions continued to develop independently.

By the nineteenth century, American spelling had diverged significantly from British spelling. In 1806, Noah Webster published A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, which included many American spellings that were different from the British spellings. Webster believed that American English should be distinct from British English, and he advocated for American spellings as a way to create a separate national identity. Over time, his dictionary helped to standardize American spelling conventions.

Why do some people not eat onion and garlic?

People who do not eat onion and garlic typically avoid these foods for religious or cultural reasons.

Did Ronnie James Dio hold occult beliefs (when we, for example, think of songs like "Shame On The Night" and "Egypt")?

There is no direct evidence that Ronnie James Dio held occult beliefs, but given the content of some of his songs, it is possible that he was interested in the occult.

I want to focus the ACM ICPC contest for 2020. What are some steps?

Some steps that you can take in order to focus the ACM ICPC contest for 2020 include studying previous contest problems, practicing mock contests, and forming a study group with other contestants. Additionally, it is important to be familiar with the contest rules and understand the different types of problems that are typically asked.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, what do you think the feature "Instant Kill" in Parker's new suit actually does?

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the feature "Instant Kill" in Parker's new suit actually allows Parker to kill his enemies instantly.

Why didn't taxis innovate before Uber, is it because they had a licensing monopoly?

There are a variety of reasons why taxis didn't innovate before Uber. One reason is that they had a licensing monopoly, which prevented other companies from entering the market. Another reason is that taxis were generally slow to adopt new technologies.

If we discovered a new country with its own currency today, how would we determine how many dollars one unit of their currency is worth?

If we discovered a new country with its own currency today, we would use the process of triangulation to determine how many dollars one unit of their currency is worth.

In what situations should we pick office work on Saturday and Sunday as well?

This depends on the workplace and the company's policy. Some workplaces may require employees to work on weekends, while others may not.

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