🔥👉 What type of motion, uniform or non-uniform, is exhibited by a free falling body?

"✅👉 A free falling body exhibits non-uniform motion."

Dr. Ferne Smith
Dr. Ferne Smith

Why should you not put your septic tank on a hill above your water well? And what happens when the Septic overflows down to the well field.

You shouldn't put your septic tank on a hill above your water well because if the septic tank overflows, it could contaminate the well water.

How many acres is Buckingham Palace grounds?

99 acres

Why is the scientific study of meditation limited to only mindfulness when there are numerous other techniques of meditation available for study?

The scientific study of meditation is limited to only mindfulness because mindfulness is the only form of meditation that has been shown to produce consistent and reliable results. Other forms of meditation may produce some benefits, but the effects are often short-lived or unreliable.

What do you think of Bernie Sanders saying that he has a plan to boost broadband access and break up internet and cable titans?

I think Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas, and this is one of them. I agree that we need to break up the internet and cable titans, and boost broadband access.

Does Greek mythology have any proof of possibly being real?

There is no scientific proof that Greek mythology is real.

How much would be acceptable to charge for driving 2.5 hours each way to specialty grocery stores (Trader Joe's/Whole Foods) to get groceries for people & deliver them? It needs to appropriately cover time & gas. Would this even work as a side business?

It depends on the going rate for such services in your area. You would also need to factor in the cost of your time. This could be a viable side business if there is enough demand and you are able to price your services competitively.

As a child my mom did certain things that as an adult I find abusive.I had bad anxiety &would bite my nails, her solution was to pull the cutting board and knife up to my fingers and threaten to cut them off.Why do I feel obligated to still love her?

She abused me.

There is no obligation to love anyone, even a parent. However, it is common for people to still feel love for someone who has hurt them, even if they recognize that what that person did was abusive. It might be helpful for you to talk to a therapist or counselor about your feelings towards your mother and how her abuse has affected you.

What is the Choronogi summary of the birth of air power since WW1 to till WW2?

The Choronogi summary of the birth of air power since WW1 to till WW2 is that it has evolved from being used mostly for reconnaissance and bombing missions to becoming a vital part of modern warfare. Air power has played a significant role in many conflicts, including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

Why do some folk refuse to discuss views that differ from their own in a rational manor?

Some people may refuse to discuss views that differ from their own in a rational manner because they are afraid of change or they may have a closed-minded perspective. Additionally, some people may not want to discuss opposing views because they feel like it could threaten their own beliefs.

How does the Fed buying government bonds release reserves into the economy, if a large quantity of the recipients of this newly retired debt might be likely just use the money to buy government bonds again?

The money that the Fed spends on government bonds is added to the reserves of the banks that sell the bonds to the Fed. These banks can then lend this money out, increasing the money supply in the economy.

What is the design word choice for a mission?

The design word choice for a mission is "purpose."

What if Portugal indexed all wages, private and public, to inflation?

If Portugal indexed all wages, private and public, to inflation, it is likely that there would be an increase in inflationary pressures. This is because when wages are indexed to inflation, it creates a feedback loop where higher wages lead to higher prices, which then leads to even higher wages. This could potentially create an unsustainable situation where inflation spirals out of control.

Can a wire transfer be pulled if the sendee isn't in the state to get the transfer?

No, the sender is the only one who can cancel a wire transfer.

What do you think happens in “Mozart in the Jungle” in the days/weeks/months/years following the final episode?

It is safe to say that in the days, weeks, months, and years following the final episode of "Mozart in the Jungle", there are a variety of different things that could happen. Perhaps most notably, it is possible that Maestro Rodrigo will continue to conductor the New York Symphony Orchestra and that Hailey will continue to serve as his assistant. Additionally, it is possible that Glenn will continue to work as the manager of the orchestra and that Beto will continue to be one of the primary soloists. Given the fact that their relationship was left somewhat open-ended, it is also possible that Alex and Lola could begin dating or enter into a more committed relationship.

How do probes like New Horizons send data back to Earth?

Probes like New Horizons send data back to Earth using a radio transmitter.

Why do I always have dry mouth, hands and eyes?

There are many possible causes for dry mouth, hands and eyes. Some possible causes include dehydration, certain medications, Sjogren's syndrome, and diabetes. If the symptom persists, it is best to consult with a doctor to determine the cause.

How do parents think and feel when their young adult offspring become famous and wealthy?

Of course, parents feel proud when their young adult offspring become famous and wealthy. But, at the same time, they may feel worried about the challenges and risks that come along with fame and fortune. They might worry that their child will become arrogant or spoiled, or that they will be subjected to public scrutiny and criticism.

How can I distinguish two reactions either it is followed by SN1 or SN2 mechanism?

One way to distinguish between SN1 and SN2 mechanisms is to look at the structures of the substrates. SN2 reactions occur most readily with small, symmetrical molecules that have good leaving groups. SN1 reactions are more common with large, asymmetrical molecules.

How is the James Webb Space Telescope powered?

The James Webb Space Telescope is powered by an onboard solar panel.

Who are some musicians who have been influenced by Justin Bieber? Will his legacy include changing pop music for the better?

Some musicians who have been influenced by Justin Bieber include Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Camila Cabello. Bieber's legacy is still being written, but he has already had a significant impact on pop music. He has helped to popularize a more soulful and R&B-influenced sound, and his songs are often noted for their positive messages and catchy hooks. Whether or not Bieber will be remembered as a game-changer in the long run remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that he has had a major impact on the sound of pop music in the 2010s.

Often when someone says that they have forgiven someone, they still dig up the past. Do people do the same when they forgive themselves? How is that is that manifested?

When someone has forgiven themselves, they may still think about their past mistakes from time to time. However, they will not dwell on them or let them define their self-worth. Instead, they will focus on the present and future and remember that they are not their mistakes.

What are some ways to become more intuned to your spiritual side?

Some ways to become more intuned to your spiritual side are:

1. Prayer
2. Meditation
3. Reading religious or spiritual texts
4. Going on religious or spiritual retreats
5. Taking part in religious or spiritual rituals or ceremonies
6. Talking to a religious or spiritual counselor or guide
7. Doing yoga, Tai Chi, or other similar practices

If I cannot find reasonable prices for Obamacare, why should I care whether Trump makes them even higher?

You should care because if Trump makes Obamacare premiums even higher, it will make it even more difficult for people to afford health insurance. This could lead to more people going without insurance, which could lead to more health problems and even death.

As someone who works in the customer service industry, who was the worst or most awkward encounter you have ever had with a customer?

The worst encounter I ever had with a customer was when I was working in a call center and a customer started screaming at me and using profanity because their internet was not working. The customer became so irate that I had to transfer them to a supervisor.

I wish to be a dog trainer. Where can I find a good school/course provider in Edmonton, Alberta to start with? I know it's good to volunteer at dog shelters too. I'm currently running a homebased dog boarding facility.

The best way to become a dog trainer is to get experience working with dogs. You can volunteer at a local shelter or rescue, or dog-related business. You can also get certified through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Shouldn’t we require drug tests for welfare recipients?

We should.

There is no reason that we shouldn’t require drug tests for welfare recipients, especially if we are paying for their welfare benefits. If someone is too drug-addicted to hold a job, then they should not be receiving government assistance.

Why are people receiving chemo or an MRI with contrast so tired?

The body's reaction to the chemicals used in chemotherapy or MRI with contrast can cause fatigue.

Comparing the Goddard School and Malvern School, what is the difference in childcare quality, school management, and infant experience?

The Goddard School is a better choice for childcare quality, school management, and infant experience.

Should the school system be changed?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many different types of school systems around the world. Some people may argue that the school system should be changed in order to improve education standards, while others may argue that the current system is working well and does not need to be changed. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe the school system should be changed.

Why do black Africans fear writing a will or a life file?

There are a number of reasons why black Africans may fear writing a will or compiling a life file. In many African cultures, it is believed that discussing death openly can bring bad luck. Additionally, some people may believe that their affairs should remain private and not be disclosed to others. Finally, some black Africans may simply be unaware of the importance of these documents and the role they can play in protecting one's assets and family.

I cannot download Internet Explorer 11 64Bit on my Windows 7 SP1 64bit PC I tried troubleshooting removing older versions of Internet Explorer tried Windows update Still nothing showed up. Why is this happening?

Where can I download Internet Explorer?


If you aren't able to download IE 11 from Microsoft's site, you can get it here:
You will have to disable your UAC (user access control) before installing because the installer that is provided will not let you proceed if you don't. Also make sure that your computer is completely up to date, and you may still need some of the other updates that are required by IE 11.
Heard back and it only installed SP1 (ie10). Relying on the link @LinusH gave which should be fixed now at microsofts end and has worked several times for me: http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2820688
His comment below as well "What sort of verbose logging is possible so they might be able to help us figure out where this went wrong?" For more close to real time logs regarding issues in windows update, send a request here: https://connect.microsoft.com/wusupport and use Windows Update Troubleshooter logs (choose Windows Update Troubleshooter logs with Windows Update) as recommended type for issues with windows updates on a windows 7 machine in basic tools section and choose upload file(s) then select either logfle that you wish to send via private message...or one at a time if you so desire since each instance of the log is roughly 5 or 6 MB large or so. Here's an example of one full log with additional system information removed for comfort of posting online: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52395054/WindowsUpdateDiagnostics%2B15%2B report signs its been standing too long free msie setup downloads visualizing cancer 2010 excel spreadsheet app roberts rules of order msi xplorer gx720 manual michel euratom directive 96 46 ec rev 15 traffic cam louis baldwin md pa how to take screenshots of a power point presentation looking at dilations on a coordinate plane explanation mike tyson 818 tattoo meaning de puerto rico del siglo 19 murals antoine custer miguel krassnoff martchenko bbc san francisco giants history house for rent ithaca ny freeway

What do you do if a woman proposes to you and you are not ready yet?

If a woman proposes and you're not ready, you should let her know that you appreciate the gesture but you're not ready to get married yet. Thank her for her patience and understanding.

Which paint is used for face painting?

One can use any kind of paint for face painting, though water-based face paints are recommended as they are easier to remove.

How do we know that a particular farm product is not patented yet?

You can perform a search of the US patent database to see if a patent has been filed for a particular farm product.

Will cocaine help with a bipolar?

Cocaine may help to improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder, but it may also worsen them. It is important to speak with a mental health professional before using any substance to treat bipolar disorder.

What are things that wealthy families know that others do not?

There is no one answer to this question, as different wealthy families may know different things. However, some possible things that wealthy families may know that others do not include: how to invest money, how to manage finances, how to network and build relationships, and how to provide opportunities for future generations.

How can we calculate carbon rate in blast furnace?

The carbon rate in blast furnace can be calculated using the following equation:

C rate = (100% - O2%) / (56.12% - O2%)


C rate = Carbon rate in blast furnace

O2% = Percent oxygen in the blast furnace

Does Israel practice two different legal systems for Israelis and Palestinians living in Area C, West Bank?

There is no official answer to this question, as the Israeli government does not release detailed information on its legal practices in the West Bank. However, it is widely believed that Israel does indeed operate two separate legal systems in the West Bank, with Israelis living under Israeli civil law and Palestinians living under military law. This disparity has been criticized by human rights groups as being unfair and discriminatory.

When will be able to know all our family genetic links world wide by simply analyzing a DNA sample?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on the advances made in genetic research and technology, as well as the cooperation of people around the world in sharing their DNA samples and information.

Does Putin have the absolute power to rule the world?

No, Putin does not have the absolute power to rule the world.

The amount of gravitational pull affects the speed at which an object falls, so why do a hammer and feather fall at the same speed on the moon?

The gravity on the moon is weaker than on Earth, so an object will fall more slowly there. However, the hammer and feather fall at the same speed because they have the same weight. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity on an object.

Do Middle Easterners live in Europe?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no clear definition of what constitutes the Middle East or Europe. However, based on common definitions of both regions, it is safe to say that the majority of Middle Easterners do not live in Europe.

How do I solve this problem on probability?

If an event has a probability of 0.6, then the probability of the complement event is?

The answer is 0.4

Why didn't the Force tell Shaak Ti that Anakin had turned to the Dark Side when she was meditating? How did she not sense the Dark Side if she was meditating?

Shaak Ti probably wasn't aware of Anakin's turn to the dark side when she was meditating because she wasn't looking for him specifically. Additionally, the dark side is not always easily detectable, especially if one is not expecting it.

Is Dettol Hand Sanitizer alcohol-based?


Dettol hand sanitizers are alcohol-free.

What is feta cheese called in Turkey?

In Turkey, feta cheese is called "beyaz peynir."

What is different between market and marketing?

The difference between market and marketing is that market refers to the consumers who are interested in the product, while marketing refers to the activities necessary to bring the product to market.

How is the phase shift provided by a capacitor in a ceiling fan?

A capacitor in a ceiling fan provides phase shift by storing energy in an electrostatic field and then releasing it to the rotor windings as needed. The capacitor helps to start the motor and then maintain its speed by providing a small amount of power at the proper time in the cycle.

Do I have social anxiety if I am scared to say anything in front of people, of being judged or laughed at, of oral presentations (weeks before they’re due), and to ask teacher for help because I don’t want to look stupid?

Yes, you may have social anxiety if you feel scared or nervous in social situations. Social anxiety can make it difficult to interact with others and can make everyday tasks seem overwhelming. If you are struggling to cope with social anxiety, you may want to consider seeking professional help.

Can Avdol (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) win a fight against a Hashira (Demon Slayer). If he can, how many can he defeat? (Assuming that they don't know each other or their intentions)

Yes, he could win against one or two Hashira. He would have a harder time against more than that.

When The actress lifted her dress in front of the camera?

The actress lifted her dress in front of the camera when she was asked to pose for a picture.

Why did Dr. Birx and Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper come out so late in the day to talk about Trump administration happenings?

The timing of Birx and Esper's remarks has not been explained.

Do photo booths offer photo albums or scrapbooks?

Some photo booths offer photo albums or scrapbooks for an additional fee.

How can I add a socket in my Kivy project so that I can make a chatting app?

I'm not sure if this is possible, but you could try using the kivy-garden.socket library.

Do people who have had an organ removed, "feel" it missing?

I think that they would, yes. I'm not sure if they would feel pain in the area where the organ was, but I imagine they would have a sense that something was missing.

How much does the weather affect you?

The weather has a big impact on me. I'm very sensitive to the cold and get cold easily. I also have asthma, so the weather can affect my breathing.

What is item data bound in a repeater?

It is hard to answer this question without more information. Generally, item data bound refers to an event that is fired when data is bound to an item in a repeater control.

Is there still a tragedy of cell phones exploding nowadays?

There is no definitive answer, but cell phone explosions are certainly rarer than they used to be.

What are the top free mail testing websites?

The top free mail testing websites are Mailinator, Email On Deck, and Throwaway Mail.

I am unable to understand physics properly, although I have that potential. I don’t know whether it's due to lack of explanation I'm getting. I just can't feel it. What should I do?

You may want to consider finding a tutor or taking a different class. It is possible that you are not being challenged enough or that the explanations are not clear. A different perspective may help you to better understand the material.

Why does Hannibal detest impoliteness to such an extent that he feels compelled to kill people that exhibit that trait?

It is suggested that Hannibal's hatred of impoliteness is a result of his own troubled upbringing. He was raised by a cruel and abusive father, who instilled in him a deep sense of paranoia and insecurity. As a result, Hannibal has developed a deep-seated fear of being rejected or humiliated. He believes that if he can kill people who are impolite, it will make him feel more powerful and in control.

How do I find military pictures of family members?

There are a few ways to find military pictures of family members. One way is to look through old family photo albums and ask relatives if they have any old photographs of family members in the military. Another way is to contact the military branch that your family member served in and request copies of any photographs they may have on file. Finally, there are a number of online databases that contain military photographs, such as the National Archives or the Library of Congress.

What is the future of the core electronics industry? What are the new emerging jobs in this area?

As the core electronics industry continues to grow and evolve, new opportunities for employment will continue to emerge. Some of the most promising new areas of employment in this field include:

1. Sales and marketing professionals who can help promote and sell electronic products.

2. Engineers who can design and develop new electronic products.

3. Technicians who can install and maintain electronic equipment.

4. Business analysts who can help companies make strategic decisions about their electronic product portfolios.

5. Financial analysts who can assess the financial viability of new electronic products.

Why is sexuality so taboo?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are a number of possible explanations. One reason may be that sexuality is seen as private and personal, and therefore potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss in public. Additionally, many societies have traditionally been quite conservative when it comes to sex and sexuality, which has contributed to the feeling that these topics are taboo.

How do I get a wine stain out of my mahogany wood table?

Use a mixture of salt, white vinegar, and baking soda. Apply it to the stain with a cloth and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and dry the area with a clean towel.

Are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat planning massive coal imports to stave off scarcity?

There is no concrete evidence that Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat are planning to import massive amounts of coal to stave off scarcity. However, all three states are major users of coal, and imports may be necessary to meet demand.

How can you stay completely focused on a task for hours?

There is no one answer to this question as different people have different methods that work for them. However, some tips that may help include setting a timer for a specific amount of time and focusing on one task at a time. Additionally, it can be helpful to create a relaxing environment with low distractions.

Employment Law: In a service marketplace (e.g. TaskRabbit, Zaarly, Uber, etc.), what affects whether the service provider is an independent contractor to the site or to the user?

The biggest factor that determines whether a service provider is an independent contractor to the site or the user is the amount of control that the site or the user has over the service provider. If the site or the user has a great deal of control over how the service provider does their job, then the service provider is more likely to be considered an employee. On the other hand, if the service provider has a great deal of control over how they do their job, then they are more likely to be considered an independent contractor.

If there's a protest, are you more likely to go armed, or less likely?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the individual's personal preferences and beliefs. Some people may feel more comfortable and safer carrying a weapon at a protest, while others may choose not to do so.

My elderly neighbor thinks that Donald Trump is still president. Who do I call to make sure he is mentally okay?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on the resources available in your community and your neighbor's individual situation. Generally speaking, you could contact your local department of social services or aging agency to get started.

If Christ was the sacrifice once and for all for all sins, then according to the Law of Moses, why didn't they just take a cup of HIS blood and sprinkle it in the Most Holy place?

The Law of Moses was given to reveal man's sinfulness and inability to keep God's law. Since Jesus is the perfect sacrifice, His blood does not need to be sprinkled in the Most Holy Place.

What is the average cost of a traditional support organization (Phone, Chat, etc.)? I'm looking for the % of total revenue as would be represented as part of COGS in an income statement.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the support organization, as well as the specific industry. Generally speaking, traditional support organizations can range from 1-5% of total revenue, with the majority falling within the 2-3% range.

How long can an apartment lift/elevator run without turning it off? Do we need to turn off the elevator every day for a definite duration of time?

It is recommended that you turn off the apartment lift/elevator every day for a definite duration of time.

Do you think the woman found on video licking ice cream deserves to face up to 20 years in prison? Or is it excessive?

I think it is excessive.

How do top chefs make perfect scrambled eggs?

Some say that the perfect scrambled eggs are made by whisking the eggs until the whites and yolks combine for a streak-free scramble. Others say that you should start cooking the eggs on low heat and gradually increase the heat as you scramble.

When I finish writing my novel, will I need to hire a proofreader, an editor, or both?

You may need to hire both a proofreader and an editor, or just one of the two.

CEO pay is increasing rapidly out of whack with worker pay, which is stagnant at best, falling at worst. Can this be solved? If so, how? If not, how will it end?

There is no easy answer to this question. It is possible that CEO pay could be reduced if there was more government regulation or if shareholders were more engaged in the process. However, it is also possible that CEO pay will continue to increase as long as there is demand for their services. Ultimately, it is difficult to predict how this issue will play out.

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