🔥👉 Why weren't the space shuttles, on their last mission, allowed to stay in space?

"✅👉 The reason the space shuttles were not allowed to stay in space is that they were not designed for long-term spaceflight. They were only designed for short-term missions."

Mariane Wehner I
Mariane Wehner I

In the film Super 30, there's a scene wherein the rickshaw wala explains the roots of nepotism. He says Dronacharya knew Ekalavya was a better archer than Arjun which is why he strategically asked Ekalavya to cut his thumb off. Is this entirely true?

The story of Ekalavya is found in the Mahabharata. Dronacharya did not ask Ekalavya to cut off his thumb. Ekalavya was a prince of the Nishadha tribe. He was not allowed to study under Dronacharya because he was not a Kshatriya. In order to learn archery, Ekalavya built a statue of Dronacharya and worshipped it as his guru. He learned archery by himself and became very skilled.

Dronacharya discovered Ekalavya's talent when he went to the forest to hunt. Ekalavya stopped him and asked to be taught archery. Dronacharya refused, but Ekalavya did not give up. He vowed to make Dronacharya proud, and continued his dedication to archery.

One day, while Dronacharya was away, Ekalavya met the Pandava prince Arjuna and taught him some secret techniques of archery. When Dronacharya found out, he was angry and went to confront Ekalavya. Arjuna had gone off to fight in a battle, so Dronacharya demanded that Ekalavya give him his right thumb as gurudakshina (teacher's fee).

Ekalavya agreed and cut off his own thumb. He gave it to Dronacharya and continued to practice archery with his left hand. He became so skilled that he could shoot arrows backwards and hit the target accurately.

The story of Ekalavya shows that nepotism has been around for a long time. It also shows that talent and hard work can overcome any obstacles, even if you are not born into a privileged family.

How long does a bankruptcy stay on my credit report?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

Will large scale oil production eventually be the cause of large scale earthquakes?

There is no direct link between oil production and earthquakes.

Is there a name for a mental illness/state of feeling that you are always wasting your time?

There is not a specific name for the feeling that someone is constantly wasting their time, but it could potentially be a symptom of various mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, or OCD.

What is Paul Manafort's relationship with dictators such as Jonas Savimbi?

There is no definitive answer, but it is known that Manafort worked as a political consultant for Savimbi's UNITA rebel group in Angola during that country's civil war.

Why did Donald Trump go along with the shutting down of the US economy? Does Ron De Santis make a good point that this perhaps shows that Trump was really partaking in a Wall Street/Big Bank economic scam operation to benefit the super rich?

Did Globalists/Banksters/New World Order/Satanists market crash the world to make money and destabilize governments?

The answer to this question likely lies in who benefits from the shutdown of the economy. While it is true that some businesses and individuals will suffer in the short-term, it is also true that many will benefit in the long-term. One group that will likely benefit from the shutdown are the wealthy, who will see their investments increase in value as the economy contracts. This is because when there is less money in circulation, each dollar is worth more. Thus, the wealthy will see their wealth increase while the poor and middle class will see their purchasing power decrease. This is why Ron De Santis's claim that Trump is participating in a "scam" to benefit the wealthy is not without merit.

It is also worth noting that many of Trump's closest advisers and allies are billionaire investors and hedge fund managers. Therefore, it is not surprising that Trump would prioritize their interests over those of working Americans.

What are the correct legal details behind the potential land expropriation in South Africa?

The Expropriation Bill was passed by the South African Parliament in 2016. The Bill allows for the expropriation of land without compensation in certain circumstances. The Bill is currently awaiting signature by the President.

Why do my grandparents care more about me than my parents?

There could be many reasons why your grandparents might care more about you than your parents. Maybe your parents are too busy working to spend much time with you, or perhaps your grandparents are simply more loving and attentive. It's also possible that your grandparents are simply more interested in hearing about what's going on in your life than your parents are. Whatever the reason, it's clear that your grandparents care about you a great deal!

What is an important group discussion topic for the SSB recent?

The importance of communication in a group setting.

How EverNote does automated testing as a whole?

EverNote does automated testing with a tool called Selenium. Selenium is a tool that allows you to automate tests for web applications.

What land does Palestine own?

Palestine does not own any land.

Are former borderlines who struggled hard and long to fully recover more sensitive, more intelligent, more resilient, more tenacious, or more what? They certainly must be quite courageous.

There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on the individual. However, some qualities that may be common among people who have recovered from borderline personality disorder include high levels of intelligence and resilience, as well as a great deal of courage.

Should I go to my family Thanksgiving? My due date is Nov 1st and I’m worried about bringing my newborn around a bunch of people especially during sick season. But my Grandma will be visiting for it and it’s possible we won’t see her ever again.

It is ultimately your decision. However, if it were me, I would either go and bring my newborn or have a small get together with just my immediate family.

Is it true that Smriti Irani married her friend's husband?

No. This is not true.

Can anyone solve minimize tree diameter using Java?

There is no known algorithm to solve this problem in polynomial time.

Even after the end of Afghanistan war, will the Gospel of John like disaster terrorism continue as a name of climate change? https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/unicef-more-than-4-million-lebanese-face-water-shortages-677326

`=3787aumento del drenaje de aguas del rio

Will the water from rivers like Rio Grande and Tar River continue to be used for agricultural purposes after the war in Afghanistan is over? https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/unicef-more-than-4-million-lebanese-face-water-shortages-677326?fbclid=IwAR1ozcvt `Y7GJTK0LEFtr95bbVMekZCg4VxzgcA6D_bzVszU6mYRg57rHA `Q

Does evidence for evolution occurs only in the fossil record?

No. While the fossil record is one form of evidence for evolution, there are many other types of evidence that support the theory of evolution. For example, scientists can observe evolution happening today in populations of plants and animals. They can also study fossils to learn about how organisms have changed over time.

How can we see someone, in dream, speaking language that we cannot understand practically?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Dreams are often symbolic in nature, and the language used in a dream may not be representative of the dreamer's actual understanding of that language. Additionally, the interpretation of dreams is highly subjective, so what one person might interpret as gibberish could hold significance for another. If the dreamer is unable to understand the language being spoken in their dream, they may want to consider what other aspects of the dream might be symbolic or meaningful.

Why can’t a solid whose energy bands are filled be a metal?

A metal is a material that has free-flowing electrons. A solid whose energy bands are filled cannot have free-flowing electrons, so it can't be a metal.

What are some good reasons to build a long thin house rather than a short wide one, as seen all over Vietnam and SE Asia generally (and also some parts of Europe)?

Some good reasons to build a long thin house rather than a short wide one are:

1. They are more energy efficient since they have a smaller surface area to volume ratio.
2. They are easier to keep cool in hot climates since the heat has less distance to travel to the center of the house.
3. They can be more aesthetically pleasing and stylish.
4. They can make better use of narrow lots.

Why were early bullets just balls and not made like arrows? Medieval people knew the fletching in arrows made the projectile stable.

Early bullets were just balls because that is what medieval people had to work with. They did not have the technology or the knowledge to make bullets like arrows.

Say someone sues for a wrongful arrest and wins. Then he/ she is later arrested and convicted for the same type of crime of the lawsuit. Does he/ she have to return the money won from the previous lawsuit?

No, the person would not have to return the money won from the previous lawsuit.

Instead of crying about inflation and then blaming Biden, why aren't we fining oil company monopolies $100 billion a day until they end their wartime profiteering which is the cause of inflation?

Instead of fining oil company monopolies, the government could invest in renewable energy sources that would help to end our dependence on oil. Alternatively, the government could provide incentives for companies to invest in renewable energy sources.

How will being the deputy head girl of your school help you in the future?

There are a few ways in which being the deputy head girl of your school can help you in the future. For one, it can give you a taste of what it is like to be in a leadership position. This can be beneficial if you decide to pursue a career in management or another field where leadership skills are valued. Additionally, being the deputy head girl can help you hone your public speaking and organizational skills, both of which can be helpful in a variety of future pursuits. Finally, the role can simply give you a boost of confidence that can benefit you in all areas of your life.

Should Quora have separate American-English and Indian-English versions?

No, Quora should not have separate American-English and Indian-English versions. While there may be some differences in the usage of certain words and phrases between the two dialects, these differences are not significant enough to warrant separate versions of the site. Moreover, creating separate versions of Quora for each dialect would be needlessly complicated and would likely dissuade users from participating in the site.

Which scenes were cut from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl ? Why were they cut?

The film originally included a scene where Earl and Greg visit Rachel in the hospital after she starts her chemotherapy treatments. The scene was cut because the director felt that it was too early in the story for the boys to visit Rachel, and that it would be more powerful if they waited until she was closer to death.
Another deleted scene shows Greg and Earl at a party, where Greg gets drunk and makes out with a girl. This scene was cut because the director felt that it wasn't necessary to show Greg getting drunk, and that it would be more powerful if he remained sober throughout the film.

What should someone who is already in college do to get good at contest math? How far back should he go? USAMO, USAMTS, Math league? I need some sequence that might help me master lots of those "tricks"

There is no single answer to this question since it depends on each person's individual strengths and weaknesses. However, some general advice would be to start by reviewing the basic principles and solving as many practice problems as possible. If you are struggling with a particular topic, then it may be helpful to go back and review the basics of that topic. Additionally, participating in math competitions can be a great way to improve your problem-solving skills and learn new techniques.

How can a developer teach himself a new programming language when the language is new and there is no large community?

If the language is new and there is no large community, the developer will have to learn the language on his own. He can start by reading the language's documentation and looking at code examples. Once he has a basic understanding of the language, he can start writing his own code. Over time, as he becomes more familiar with the language, he will be able to learn more advanced concepts.

Does having weak brachioradialis muscles lead to bending of elbows?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the bending of elbows can be caused by a variety of factors. However, it is possible that weak brachioradialis muscles could contribute to the bending of elbows, as this muscle group is responsible for helping to extend the elbow joint. If the brachioradialis muscles are weak, they may not be able to provide sufficient support to the elbow joint, which could lead to bending.

Is it legal for the police to send you a letter threatening to speak to your work and neighbors and call you a class C citizen even after the prosecution decided not to prosecute?

It is unclear what you are asking.

Will all four seasons ever be equal in length?

No, the seasons are not all equal in length. There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season has a different length because of the Earth's tilt on its axis.

My landlord did not include both tenants name on eviction notice or show up for hearing. Do we win by default?

If the landlord did not include both tenant's names on the eviction notice, or if the landlord did not show up for the hearing, then the tenants may win by default.

What mileage does a six cylinder car give per gallon of gas?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on the make and model of the car, as well as the driving conditions. However, a six-cylinder car will typically get between 25 and 30 miles per gallon.

Which is the most popular Hindu baby names site?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are many Hindu baby names sites available online, each with its own popularity. Some of the more popular Hindu baby names sites include babycenter.in, hindubabies.net, and hindunames.net.

In string theory, is there any reason the string theory landscape does not also include any combination of compactified dimensions, large extra dimensions, and time dimensions?

There is no reason that the string theory landscape could not also include any combination of compactified dimensions, large extra dimensions, and time dimensions. However, it is not clear if this would be a consistent or sensible string theory.

Are there any fictional groups that is capable of bringing down the SCP Foundation (does not include multiverse, but includes all personnel and SCPs)? Is that even possible? If so, what are the casualties?

Fictional groups that are capable of bringing down the SCP Foundation include the Global Occult Coalition, the Chaos Insurgency, and the Serpent's Hand. It is possible for one of these groups to defeat the Foundation, but it would be very difficult and there would be a lot of casualties on both sides.

What is shadow costing?

Shadow costing is a method of allocating indirect costs to products and services. It involves creating a "shadow price" for each indirect cost item, which is then used to allocate those costs to products and services. This provides a more accurate picture of the true cost of each product or service.

Which thing lits your heart?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone's heart is lit by different things. However, some possible things that could light someone's heart include spending time with loved ones, experiencing natural beauty, achieving a personal goal, or simply enjoying a quiet moment. Ultimately, anything that brings happiness, peace, or satisfaction to someone can be said to light their heart.

Do atheists think they know everything?

Most atheists would say that it is impossible to know everything.

What are the advantages of using a concentric coupling over an eccentric coupling for connecting two shafts together?

Concentric couplings are simpler and less expensive than eccentric couplings, and they tend to be more durable and have less vibration.

What are some good resources for creating a photography/video book app?

Some good resources for creating a photography/video book app are the following:

-iBooks Author: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibooks-author/id490152466?mt=12
-Blurb: http://www.blurb.com/create/book
-Book Creator: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/book-creator-for-ipad/id442378092?mt=8
-Photobook: http://www.photobookapp.com/

What do you think of the D23 2017 Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer?

The D23 2017 Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer is awesome! I can't wait to play the game!

My scales say .9 on a dollar bill. How far are they off?

This is difficult to answer without more information. Generally, if scales are properly calibrated, they should be within 0.1 grams of the true weight of an item. However, there are many factors that could affect the accuracy of scales, such as air currents, static electricity, and incorrect calibration.

I would like to get a dog one day. Is it cruel to keep dogs? Is it cruel to take them away from their mothers and siblings just because humans enjoy having them around?

I do not believe that it is cruel to keep dogs as pets. I believe that it is cruel to take them away from their mothers and siblings just because humans enjoy having them around.

Ladies only, please! Who has had intimate area laser hair removal How good, how long lasting, how painful? What else should I know or be wary of when having it done or choosing a specialist? Thanks, Steph x?

There's a great deal of variation in reports on how well intimate area laser hair removal works and how long the results last. The main reason for this seems to be that there's so much variation in both laser devices and laser technicians. There are also some anatomical variations that make a difference, such as the thickness and density of hair, skin color, and the body area being treated. Any reputable laser technician will be able to tell you what to expect from your particular situation.

How many hours per week, on average, do professional Jiu-Jitsu competitors spend on the mat?

Professional Jiu-Jitsu competitors usually spend about 20 hours per week on the mat.

How can electromagnetic waves of much lower frequency than light be created with ease?

Radio waves can be generated with an antenna and a transmitter.

How safe is it to go to a dentist for a regular six-month checkup if they are using safety precautions to guard against COVID-19?

If your dentist is using safety precautions, such as wearing personal protective equipment, sanitizing surfaces, and taking other infection control measures, it is safe to visit them for a regular checkup.

A and B can do a piece of work in 20 days and 30 days. A works till the completion of the work and B works for the half time. Now work will be completed in how many days?

A and B can do a piece of work in 20 days and 30 days. A works till the completion of the work and B works for the half time. Now work will be completed in 15 days.

How many tips of thoughts are there among humans, and why is that?

There are an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day among humans. It is speculated that this number is so high because humans have the ability to reflect on their past and future. This ability allows humans to ruminate on their thoughts, which can lead to an increase in thoughts per day.

Hypothetically, which do you think the Filipinos would favor to vote as the country's next president, a gay candidate, or a Muslim candidate?

Based on a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations in 2015, it is estimated that around 70% of Filipinos would not vote for a gay president, while around 60% would not vote for a Muslim president.

Have you ever accidentally caught someone you would never ever want to see in a million years, naked?

No, I have not.

Is it right to get into sexual talks when you are in a long distance relationship?

It is right to get into sexual talks when you are in a long distance relationship if you are both comfortable with it. You should discuss what is comfortable for both of you before hand so that there are no surprises.

For SEO, do links found on the first page crawl matter more than links found on subsequent page crawls?

Yes, links found on the first page crawl do matter more than links found on subsequent page crawls. This is because search engines place a higher importance on links that are found earlier on in the crawling process.

Is it about time for regional rallies in support of Brexit, and “Leave means out”. Do the Brussels and London elitists need reminding what we voted for, and what we still want?

James Loughlin –Stroud

What do you wish you knew when you were in 7th grade?

I wish I knew that it was okay to be different. I was always worried about fitting in and being like everyone else, but now I realize that it's better to be unique.

When start-up realises it needs VC funding to grow, what are the steps they should take to begin down that road?

There are a few key steps that startups should take when they realize they need VC funding to grow:

1. Research the VC landscape and identify potential investors that align with their business model and growth plans.

2. Create a comprehensive funding pitch deck that outlines the startup’s value proposition, market opportunity, and financial projections.

3. Approach potential investors and schedule initial meetings or calls to begin discussions around funding.

4. Negotiate the terms of the investment deal and reach an agreement on the investment amount, equity stake, and other key conditions.

5. Sign the investment deal and begin working with the VC firm to grow the startup and achieve its long-term goals.

What are the 5 reasons that have been advanced in granting local autonomy? Explain each.

1. Local autonomy allows for decision-making to be closer to the people who are affected by those decisions.

2. Local autonomy allows for more responsive and efficient government.

3. Local autonomy allows for more experimentation and innovation in public policy.

4. Local autonomy promotes greater accountability of public officials.

5. Local autonomy can lead to better overall governance by ensuring that power is de-centralized and diffused.

What does an empty 28 foot aluminum dump trailer weigh?

An empty 28foot aluminum dump trailer weighs approximately 9,000 pounds.

Do philosophers actually achieve anything?

There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on how you define "philosopher" and "achieve." Some people might say that philosophers achieve a greater understanding of the world and the human condition. Others might say that philosophers help people to think more clearly and make better choices. Still others might say that philosophers have little practical value and mainly just create interesting thought experiments.

Has anyone confronted an ex about the way they treated you and they said you are “wrong about everything, you’ll never understand” could it be true or is it a cover up?

If someone says this to you, it is likely that they are trying to cover up their own wrongdoings. This is a deflection tactic that people use to avoid responsibility for their actions. It is important to remember that you know yourself better than anyone else. Trust your own instincts and experiences.

Someone blocked me on Facebook. Now I think I am unblocked again as the option of writing text in messenger is available. But the profile is not avilable always. Sometimes its available & sometime it's not. Can anybody tell me why?

That person has probably blocked you again.

What Python framework will best teach me how to code in Python?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are many different Python frameworks available, each with its own benefits. However, some popular choices include Django, Flask, and Pyramid.

Do Ugandans like Mr. Museveni?

Ugandan opinion on Mr. Museveni is divided. Some Ugandans view him as a visionary leader who has brought stability and prosperity to the country, while others view him as a autocratic ruler who has trampled on civil liberties and human rights.

I really want to start my own startup, but not able to find a good idea, how do I find it?

There is no surefire answer, but some things you can try include attending startup events, following startup news and blogs, and talking to people in your network who are involved in startups. You can also try brainstorming on your own or with friends to come up with ideas. Additionally, there are a number of online resources that offer advice on how to find a startup idea, such as this one from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davemcclure/2013/03/20/5-ways-to-come-up-with-killer-startup-ideas/#5184e6f8313b

Is the SpaceX Starlink satellite constellation a serious orbital debris problem?

Yes, the SpaceX Starlink satellite constellation is a serious orbital debris problem.

Is the EU declining? Is it true the EU is declining, and that there are fewer and fewer investors who invest in the EU? If yes, why?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as opinions on the matter vary greatly. Some experts believe that the EU is declining due to a number of factors, including Brexit, the rise of populism, and the region's financial instability. Others argue that the EU is still a major force in the global economy and that it is well-positioned to weather current challenges. Ultimately, only time will tell if the EU is truly in decline.

I’m in college at the moment studying professional cooking, I’m looking to apply for a position in a restaurant/pub. When it comes to mathematics I’m the not the best. Are you allowed to use a calculator?

You are not allowed to use a calculator when applying for a position in a restaurant/pub.

Is there any inspiring story of a JEE dropper who nailed it on the second chance?

(Dropper here refers to a student who could not get through JEE in the first attempt and tries again the next year)

There are numerous inspiring stories of JEE droppers who have gone on to crack the exam and pursue their dreams. One such story is that of Arpit Agarwal, who dropped a year after failing to clear JEE in his first attempt. He went on to top the JEE Advanced exam in his second attempt.

How is Superman so power as he has a humanoid body structure. Are his bones made of some hard indistructable material, even so the density of a humanoid bone or whatever shouldn't be enough to lift a building. It doesn't make sense or does it?

Superman is so powerful because he has a humanoid body structure. His bones are made of a hard, indestructible material that makes him stronger than a normal human. This gives him the ability to lift heavy objects and perform amazing feats of strength.

How can I track each activity of an android remotely?

You can track each activity of an android remotely by using a spy app. A spy app can track all the activities of an android phone, including call logs, text messages, location, and much more.

What are your thoughts on the two female Scandinavian hikers recently killed in Morocco?

It's a terrible tragedy that two young women were killed while hiking in Morocco. My thoughts are with their families and friends during this difficult time.

How can I negotiate a discounted payoff of my $250,000 3% mortgage loan since my lender can benefit by lending even, say, a discounted payoff of $230,000 today at 5%? Isn't that a clear Win-Win?

The answer to this question depends on the policies of your lender. Some lenders may be willing to negotiate a discounted payoff, while others may not be. If you are interested in negotiating a discounted payoff, you should contact your lender directly to discuss your options.

What does it mean to a "fan girl"?

A fangirl is someone who loves something, typically a celebrity, athlete, musician, etc., to an extreme degree. Fangirls are often very emotional and can be obsessive.

My parrot loves to sit on the TV and it’s dangerous there for him. What should I do?

You can try to train your parrot to sit on a different spot, like a perch near the TV or a play gym. You can also try to block off the TV with a barrier so your parrot can't get to it.

What happened to Capitol's citizens after the second rebellion in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2"?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 does not explicitly state what happened to the citizens of Capitol after the second rebellion. However, it is safe to assume that many people were killed or injured during the fighting.

Will the BJP opt for a Dalit state unit president?

The BJP is unlikely to opt for a Dalit state unit president.

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